Reading age: 7 – 11 years
Page count: 54pp
Available formats: Paperback, Kindle
Publisher: J&B Publishing
Publication date: October 2019
ISBN/ASIN: 978-1913685027
Categories: ,

The Granny Borrower


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Who’s borrowing grannies? And why?! A wacky and funny page-turning adventure for children aged 7-11.

Grannies aren’t where they should be, but Sally McNally is quickly on the case …
Laura’s circus gran wasn’t on time to give her a ride to school.

Ben’s karate gran didn’t bring his dinner money.

And now Sally’s own beloved Granny Knot and Granny Loaf have gone missing during afternoon tea!

Sally follows a trail of cake crumbs up to the mysterious Giant’s Crag where, high on the mountain, she hatches a daring escape plan to free one hundred and two grannies and get them home where they belong.

Can she save the grannies from being borrowed forever? Or will the Granny Borrower get in her way?

A wacky and funny modern fairytale adventure, featuring a friendly young giant, adoring grannies, and lessons about learning to do things for yourself!

The Granny Borrower is jam-packed with humour, mystery and delightfully lovable characters. With numerous TV and stage adaptations, translations in over 30 languages, and over a million books sold, it’s easy to see why David Bedford’s warm and wonderful stories are treasured by families across the world.

What Readers are saying about David Bedford’s books:
hooked both my son and I from the first time we read it … a fantastic read and one that will stay in our repertoire for a long while to come!’
‘one of the best children’s books for parents! It’s priceless!’ Amazon reviews of Big Bear Little Bear
‘very comical and an overall great children’s book
‘Absolutely adorable story’ GOODREADS reviews of I’ve Seen Santa!

‘funny and exciting … with twists and turns!’
‘you’ll find yourself eagerly turning the page to find out what eventually happened!’ GOODREADS review of Top of the League

‘Brilliant book. My son loves this book has been read many many times
‘A wonderfully subtle and touching tale of friendship’ Amazon reviews of Roo the Roaring Dinosaur

‘David Bedford is a talented author. His books are always beautiful. This though has to be my favourite of all. It was magical
‘Such a warm book’ GOODREADS reviews of The Way I Love You

‘(our son) amazed us all by not being able to put the books down until he’d finished them all.’
‘As a family we thoroughly enjoyed it. Would highly recommend’ Amazon reviews of The Team Football/Soccer series (9 books)

‘it made me squeal in happiness
‘absolutely fantastic. Great job David Bedford!’ GOODREADS reviews of The Three Ninja Pigs

Buy The Granny Borrower ebook or paperback, and enjoy a gripping, granny-packed adventure today!

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