Reading age: 7 – 13 years
Page count: 76pp
Available formats: Paperback, Kindle
Publisher: J&B Publishing
Publication date: March 2021
ISBN/ASIN: 978-1913685119

How to Write Dinosaur Jokes


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100 JOKES to enjoy and write! For seriously smart & silly kids aged 7 – 13.

Which Dinosaur has TEN eyes?
An Iiiiiiiiiicthyosaur!

Why did the Diplodocus NEVER have a bath?
Because he didn’t want to be ex-stinked!

‘Knock Knock!’
‘Who’s there?’
‘Dinosaur who?’
‘No, Owls go ‘Hoo’. Dinosaurs go ROOOOAAAAARRGGH!!!’

Featuring Knock Knocks, Silly Questions, Would You Rathers, and the newly invented Game of Jokes!!!

funnier than a fossil-hunter’s funnybone!!!
Stan Cullimore, children’s author & ex-popstar (The Housemartins)

an absolute treat … this book is serious fun
Dr Chloë Marshall, Professor of Psychology, Language and Education

Written by worldwide best-selling children’s author and writing coach, David Bedford.

‘David Bedford is encouraging children to play with words and ideas, to enjoy and be creative with language, to expand their vocabulary and find out what words can do, and to take risks (because not all their jokes will be funny, but hopefully some will be!). What’s my favourite dinosaur? It’s the Diplo-joke-us, of course!’
Dr Chloë Marshall, UCL Institute of Education, University College London

‘David Bedford uses many years of experience to encourage children to enjoy dinosaur jokes and also create their own ingenious puns. Jokes are a great way to combine fun, creativity and literacy!
Paeony Lewis, Children’s Author



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hooked both my son and I from the first time we read it … a fantastic read and one that will stay in our repertoire for a long while to come!’

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– Amazon reviews of Big Bear Little Bear


very comical and an overall great children’s book
‘Absolutely adorable story
– Goodreads reviews of I’ve Seen Santa!

‘funny and exciting … with twists and turns!

‘you’ll find yourself eagerly turning the page to find out what eventually happened!’
– Goodreads reviews of Top of the League

‘Brilliant book. My son loves this book has been read many many times

‘A wonderfully subtle and touching tale of friendship
– Amazon reviews of Roo the Roaring Dinosaur

David Bedford is a talented author. His books are always beautiful. This though has to be my favourite of all. It was magical

‘Such a warm book’
– Goodreads reviews of The Way I Love You

‘(our son) amazed us all by not being able to put the books down until he’d finished them all.’

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– Amazon reviews of The Team Football/Soccer series (9 books)

‘it made me squeal in happiness

‘absolutely fantastic. Great job David Bedford!’
– Goodreads reviews of The Three Ninja Pigs

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