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‘Your book made me smile – reading it was like listening to you talk 🙂’

– reader

Straight from the author’s desk …  

J&B make junior fiction and educational books that inspire children to enjoy reading – and writing, too.

All titles are written and published by best-selling author David Bedford, and build on 20 years’ experience working with children, teachers and librarians from diverse cultures and backgrounds, from the UK to China, Thailand, Europe and Africa.

J&B books are made to the highest publishing and literacy standards, using professional editors and proofreaders to ensure quality.

Easily accessible in paperback and ebook formats, titles are available worldwide.

Ask at your local bookstore, search online, or buy direct from the author (see Buy Books).

Publishing Rights

For all media and publishing queries, please contact David via the Contacts page.

David Bedford’s much-loved stories have already sold in translation to 33 countries:

China, USA, France, Australia, S.Korea, Spain (Cas/Cat), Taiwan, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland (Fr/Gr), Italy, Finland, Canada (Eng/Fr), New Zealand, Georgia, Greece, Poland, Japan, Thailand, Wales, Estonia, Iceland, Turkey, Portugal, Sweden, Mexico, Slovenia, Norway, Hungary, Indonesia, and Brazil.

Big Bear Little Bear alone has sold over 400,000 copies.

J&B Publishing new titles list 2021:

Football Sam v Aliens United – World translation rights available.

978-1-913685-07-2 paperback (UK English)

978-1-913685-08-9 ebook (UK English)

The Granny Borrower– World translation rights available.

978-1-913685-02-7 paperback (UK English)

978-1-913685-03-4 ebook (UK English)

How to Write Dinosaur Limericks– World translation rights available.

978-1-913685-04-1 paperback (UK English)

978-1-913685-06-5 ebook (UK English)

How to Write Dinosaur Jokes– World translation rights available.

978-1-913685-01-0 paperback (UK English)

978-1-913685-05-8 ebook (UK English)

How to Write Dinosaur Stories– World translation rights available.

978-1-913685-09-6 paperback (UK English)

978-1-913685-10-2 ebook (UK English)

David Bedford Picture Book texts available:

Ready-to-publish picture-book texts are available directly from David. New stories hot off the author’s desk, or tried and tested out-of-print works that are ripe for re-imagining.

Previously published (now out-of-print) texts available:

Contact David for more information.

Brand-new stories available as complete texts:

Contact David for more information.

Picture Books complete with illustrations available:

Contact David for more information.