Patron of Reading

Could YOU be my new ’Patron’ school? I’m looking for a FABULOUS school to link up with, in the UK, or anywhere in the world!

Patron of Reading is simply a relationship between a school and an author that, over time, can give children a strong understanding of what an author does. A school can therefore develop their literacy strategy to work with the idea that the children will get to know, and be inspired by, the same author visiting regularly, over several years of their school life.

To illustrate, here’s what I’ve done at my last school, with huge thanks to Headteacher Binks Neate-Evans and Literacy Co-ordinator Amanda Vincent.

West Earlham Infant and Nursery in Norwich is a very cool school, where I was for 3 years their … Celebrity Author!


’Celebrity Author’ was the school’s idea, and it worked well – the children remembered, and were always pleased to see me!

After spending many days in school (these were paid as per my regular daily fees for school visits – see Author Talks), and getting to know staff and children, I was inspired to write a book about a VERY naughty wolf and some ULTRA GOOD ninja pigs… which I dedicated to the children and staff, so that even when I’m not there – and I WILL be back – my good ninjas can keep a close eye on things. Here I am handing over a pre-publication copy, hot off the press.

The success of the scheme was evident when I visited the same children, after they had progressed to the Primary School nearby. They not only remembered me, what I did, and what I’d told them about writing and reading – they also knew The Three Ninja Pigs off by heart!

Patron of Reading relationships can be for any length of time – there’s no written contract. 3 years seems to be a good average time to bear in mind, if all goes as expected after a first visit.

I look forward to a new regular relationship with a school or schools – so schools, if you’re interested, do get in touch!