Reading age: 4-7 years
Page count: 32pp
Available formats: Hardcover, paperback
Publisher: Caboodle Books Ltd
Publication date: March 2017
ISBN/ASIN: 978-0995488519
Categories: ,

Ella’s Games


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Ella is a very little mouse with a very BIG imagination. Every time she asks her older brothers to let her join them at play in the honeysuckle tub, they refuse. “You’d be scared!” says Jack. “You’re too small!” says Jim. “You can’t even climb!” says Joe. So Ella has to go off and play alone. She imagines all kinds of exciting games—and pretty soon her brothers begin to grow curious. Maybe, it’s time for them to let Ella join in their games. The delightful details in each full-color illustration will remind Moms and Dads who read this tale to their children of picture books from their own childhood. (Ages 4-7)

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